Cupping massage demonstration. Here we’ll quickly show you a first timers cupping experience with explanation of how it works!

Dr. Jessica

Chiropractic Services

We offer a wide range of chiropractic services

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic manual or activator adjustment

DOT Physical

Medical examination for DOT Health Card


15 minute needle Acupuncture

About The Biomat

The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device that combines state of the art Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology with the healing power of Amethyst crystal. This healing mat delivers professional therapeutic results in a home or professional setting.


The BioMat is a state-of-the-art medical device that delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions, relieving pain, improving immune function...
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Adjustment and Acupuncture with free Biomat
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First Visit

Includes History and Exam, Chiropractic Adjustment, Acupuncture, Biomat and any other physiotherapies necessary!
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Massage Chair

60 Minutes in A Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair
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We utilize Far Infrared, ultrasound, kinesiotaping, and electric muscle stimulation to enhance your treatment and recovery.
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Basic Med Exam

Pilot/Aviation basic Med Exam
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