Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Relax in our Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair with Heat and Foot Rollers. 20 Minute, 40 minute, and 1 Hour sessions available.
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Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Ultra Intelligent Design Zero Gravity Massage Chair is equipped with the latest “Smart Chair” technology. The “Smart Chair” is a computer body scan technology which maps out the size, shape, curvature of your back and adjusts the rollers to each individual user. The “SL” back rail is engineered to match the curvature of the human back, allowing for maximum massage touch points of the mechanical rollers. The bio mechanical rollers have been engineered to mimic the massage techniques and feel of the human hand.

Fully Loaded for Relaxation

Additional features include 5 massage techniques, 5 pre-programmed massage modes and heated back rollers for a comfortable heat therapy massage to loosen up sore stiff muscles. The Ultra Intelligent Zero Gravity Massage Chair not only provides an unprecedented back massage, it also is a complete full-body massage chair equipped with 28 total airbags along with a massive air pump which provides a compression massage for your feet, legs, arms, shoulders and hips.  

Take Stress Off The Spine

The highly reclined position takes the stress off of your spine and provided mechanical traction and massage from your neck to your hamstrings. 

Increase Overall Movement

Massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture care combine to provide improvements in overall movement and health.